Teeth Whitening Machine & Class Training w/ 10 Client Kits


Do you know anyone ashamed to smile? I remember being ashamed to smile, and let me tell you that it was not the best feeling!

This is an opportunity to restore your clients’ confidence while building a lucrative business.

When you do the math, this entire system pays for itself before you know it. The system requires very little start up capital and you can service both men and women. So if you currently own a beauty business for example, teeth whitening is an opportunity to now offer a service to male clients.

As a tech you may work at a salon, community and networking events, pop up shops, your clients’ homes, or tradeshows. Our program includes a comprehensive guide to marketing your program. 

You may be wondering… Does this thing really work? Yes!

Each client kit includes a 28% hydrogen peroxide gel solution, that is activated by the laser light. This produces a guaranteed result of 3 to 7 shades whiter! 

The machine is fully portable and includes a 1 year warranty. Some students are concerned about the online training. We have taken the time to develop a training video that is clear and concise. The best thing about the training is that you can replay it as many times as needed in the comfort of your home so that you are fully equipped and qualified to perform the service!

Lastly, let’s talk about the licenses and requirements. Teeth whitening, in all states, has no restrictions, and is unregulated, meaning any person may perform this service.

Every new client must complete a waiver, which protects both the client and the technician

So what separates us from every other company on the market?! Our commitment to our students!

We are a full-service educational Company and we pride ourselves on customer service, quality products, repeat customers, and our A1A reputation! We’re happy to set up an appointment to talk to you!


  • Professional LED TEETH WHITENING Machine w/ Remote Control & User Manual
  • Training Package with Client Waiver & Aftercare Instructions
  • 10 Professional teeth Whitening Kits-Advanced Formula to service your clients. (Each kit includes 1 cheek retractors, gloves, protective gel, dental bib, & peroxide gel pens.)
  • Tooth Shade Guide
  • Training package w/ Client Consents
  • Safety goggles
  • Marketing eBook
  • 1 Certificate of Completion
  • Teeth Whitening Overview PowerPoint
  • Step by Step Online Training. Train at your own pace!
  • 1 year Parts Warranty Included

Payment Options:

  • Full Program, (10 Client Kits): Machine with supplies, online class, & Certification with 10 client kits costs $1,600. You may pay in one payment or two payments.  If you pay in two payments the machine and supplies will ship at the second payment.


The training is conducted virtually using via the online Instructional tutorial ONLY. The training video is online, and is a step-by-step guide. In addition to the video, you receive a Powerpoint to review on Teeth Whitening. There is no local pickup. There is no in person training available. 


The machine and supplies will be shipped the next business day. The training is conducted virtually using the online Instructional video ONLY. The oline video is included with your purchase, and is a step-by-step guide. In addition to your training you receive a Powerpoint to review on Teeth Whitening. Your purchase is protected with Paypal Buyer protection and all items are shipped via USPS with real-time tracking numbers.

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