I Wanna Sell Lashes


Start your Own Lash Brand!

In New eBook, iLashQueen Director of Education Natasha Currency discusses the pros and cons of starting a lash-related product line business, and gives advice as well as active contacts to 10 current vendors. The premise of the book is that service-model businesses are outdated, and offer little resources for building wealth. The book is very practical, and draws from Natasha's own experiences struggling to launch a lash brand with limited resources as a newer, solo lashpreneuer! 



New ebook includes:

  • Vendors for lash supplies including lash trays, lash strips, adhesives, magnetic lashes, volume fans, etc.
  • Tips for getting free samples.
  • 10 Vendors Included!
  • Information on communicating with vendors!
  • Information on how to price your products!
  • Considerations around which products you should sell.


I entered Esthetician School at Sheridan Technical back in 2013. At that time I had zero formal beauty experience or training. Up until that time I had only run a few small service businesses, and I definitely had no experience SELLING products. Although I had run businesses, the payor sources were always governmental or third party, so I had no experience presenting a product and directly asking for a cash sale. I was intrigued by the trend of semi-permanent lash extensions and I thought that with social media getting bigger, I could become a celebrity lash artist! Well things did not go as I planned! I became a lash artist that summer 2013, but my calling wasn’t me being flown around to DO lashes, it turns out, my calling was to fly around the world and teach lashes. As the lash classes began to expand, I realized the need to develop a product line. I felt uncomfortable referring to other product companies, because I could not guarantee the quality of their products. In addition, I realized I was missing out on product revenue. Moreover, as lashes was expanding, I realized that there would be an opportunity to sell the products to people other than my own students. So one night I started googling and googling and googling. I needed glue! I needed lash trays! I needed the right tweezers!

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